Lighter & Lighter

"I'd like to see my ankles again. Her legs were swollen with arthritis, she was about 48, I'll call her Joan. The pain was overwhelming, she was on the heaviest dose of drugs possible. She was angry with her parents, but thank God, as my prayer team encouraged her, Joan chose to forgive them. I sat on the floor before Joan, she had her feet in my lap, her eyes closed. I could feel the weight of her feet lessen. "How do you feel" "Heavy, but light." Two ladies from the church who had taken our afternoon workshop were serving on healing team with me. I could tell Joan's feet were no longer resting in my lap, but my prayer partners couldn't see that from their vantage point. Her feet kept floating up, even the ladies could see them rising now and their eyes were bulging out of their heads. I smiled, nodding at them. Joan's legs floated up until she was sticking them straight out, parallel to the floor. I was happily astonished, watching the Holy Spirit's power made visible. The other ladies were gaping. Finally, Joan opened her eyes. "Oh! I can't do that!" She had no clue her legs were floating in the air. After a while she said, "I'm tired." She put her feet down. "I can see my ankles!" She was able to stand without limitation and talk to people in the church, a totally new experience. Praise Jesus!