Merry Christmas to the Bridge for Peace Children

          Your Christmas gift will help our children thrive and flourish.

                 Any contribution to meet the following needs is deeply appreciated.


$25                  6 month supply of vitamins for a child

$50                  Student desk and chair

$100               Blackboard

$100               Gym equipment

$200               Boys Mentoring Program*

$250               Reading corner for the Children’s Village home

$500               Christmas party for the Children’s Village, 41 children and caretakers        

$1,000           Athletic field

$1,000           Continuing education for our teachers, staff, school and village    


*The Boys Mentoring Program provides for monthly visits for the boys in the Children’s Village from seminarians to provide healthy male role models, interacting, counseling, teaching,  game plays, Bible sharing and prayers. In addition, weekly visits are scheduled for those with special needs.    



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