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June 2020

It’s God, That’s right, it’s certainly not luck | Calendar/Media
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May 2020

Faith Leads B4P Medical Practitioners, Ready to go wherever God calls | Calendar/Media

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April 2020

Harnessing the Airwaves, B4P employs every ministry platform at our disposal: Telephone, Medical Facilities, Facebook Live, Zoom and online Prayer Suites | Calendar/Media

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March 2020

Changed My Life Forever, Missionary Rawlica Sumner describes her life-transforming experiences in Guyana with B4P | Calendar/Media
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February 2020

Whatever He Says, Do It! Christ’s followers press against the world’s mindset | Holy Spirit Encounter Team, Testimonies from India Mission | To Rome or To Roam, Representing the Lord Well | Calendar/Media
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January 2020

B4P Hands Laid the  Foundation, B4P International School launch |  A Mango for a Melody, Celebration and creative fund raising event | B4P Brings Life, May it always be said of us all, that wherever we go we bring life | Calendar/Media
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December 2019

A Bowl of Potato Chips, Christmas at B4PCV, Keeping Jesus’ focus |  Breaking News from Liberia, B4P Foundation for Healing course making history in this African nation | Strike! Don’t stop until God tells you to quit | Calendar/Media
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November 2019

Thanks to You, Stories of Lives Changed by Jesus Christ through B4P | Creative Generosity, Youth and young adults invent new ways to generate support | Saving Lives & Saving Souls, Ministering life in Utah | Calendar/Media
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October 2019

Celebrating 20yrs in the Land of Kangaroos | Healing Without Borders Through Jesus Christ | Ministry to Egyptian and Syrian Refugees | Calendar/Media
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September 2019

Speak a Better Message, Christ’s Blood is the evidence | She Came With a Goal, Miracles at Healing Through Hope Women’s Breakfast | Calendar/Media
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