Bridge for Peace Children's Village

History of Our Orphanages

Bridge for Peace Children's Village began in 2012 in Kasese, Uganda to provide a home for the most vulnerable children orphaned in infancy. Supported by worldwide donors convinced by Bridge for Peace's successful record in charitable development projects, B4P has constructed three homes to over 40 children:
"International Home"
"Mercy Home"
"St. Peter's Home"

In 2013, B4PCV began to realize the hope of becoming self-sustaining with the development of twenty acres of land as a farm to supply bananas, beans, corn, tomatoes, and other foodstuffs for the children and staff. In 2016, to supply firewood for cooking, B4P Australia donated a forest of eucalyptus trees, a renewable resource.

B4P broke ground in 2016 for the Bridge for Peace International Primary School. Bordering on the B4PCV, the two story brick school is under construction. One hundred children from the B4PCV and over one hundred fifty children from local areas will be educated in the facility. Fifty of these will be boarding students.

Our long-term plan for the site includes eight homes for children and a playground. Each home will provide space for twelve children and two staff members. Other buildings planned include a clinic, guest house, administration building, and a community center. All construction is overseen by the B4P Uganda Advisory Board utilizing local builders. Fundraising for the school continues.


We are presently raising 46 children ages 4 months to 9 years old, most of whom attend the Bridge for Peace international school.

The need for sponsors for the children and house mothers is ongoing. If you would like to sponsor a child or a house mother, the cost is $65/month. Please contact the Bridge for Peace office at 631-730-3982 for more info or to sponsor. $65 may be a big stretch for you. Form a group to sponsor a child, or maybe your church would like to get involved. If you don't want to commit monthly, one-time donations are also welcome.

The Bridge For Peace International Primary School has been built and was opened to the public in February 2020. It was closed soon after due to government decisions regarding Covid restrictions. There is still a continuing need for the following items as our class grades will be increasing each year. In addition there is a need for a van to help transport the children to and from school. You can help the children by providing one of the following items for the school:

  • Teacher chair $25
  • Teacher desk $35
  • Blackboard $80
  • Student lockers $70
  • Student desk $35
  • Student chair $25


  • Library counter $45
  • Library tables $70
  • Library chairs $25
  • Book Shelves $25
  • Playground for the school $2,000
  • School Van - Any donation amount is welcomed.


Site Plans

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Bridge for Peace Children's Village

Bridge for Peace rescues children in the Kasese, Uganda area who have been orphaned by providing a partially self-sustaining home and farm.   The Bridge for Peace Children's Village empowers Ugandans and in turn lessens their dependence on international assistance and provides a safety net for many vulnerable children.  B4PCV began as a shared idea and will continue as a shared responsibility.  Impact a generation through your generosity.


Your Generosity Impacts a Generation!

Care for the Children

Every donation is appreciated

to help cover the cost of shelter,

clothing, food and caretaking.


Your donation directly impacts children.

Your love offering consoles and

lifts up the oppressed to give them

a future and a hope!

Augustine and Sylvester load bananas from our farm into the car.

Bridge for Peace International Primary School

Computer Lab

Birthday Celebrations

Contact Bridge for Peace in Wading River, New York, to learn more about Bridge for Peace Children's Village and Farm.