Foundation for Healing Bible Course

Bridge For Peace - Foundation for Healing Book Cover

The Bridge for Peace Foundation for Healing Course is a balance of spirit, heart, and intellect, the fruit of twenty years of ministering healing in the Name of Jesus Christ. Learn and grow as you respond to questions that explore scripture and invite you to reflect on your experience. Read about miracles today and nurture your faith. The Foundation for Healing DVD relates Annette’s experience of healing through Jesus Christ worldwide. This bible course expands your awareness of Jesus Christ’s healing grace in your life.

“I received a miraculous healing when the Eckart’s prayed for my eyes. On a mission in Ghana, we saw hundreds of healings. I highly recommend this course to everyone who wants God’s power released in their lives.”
Rev. Isaac Mensah, Chaplain
Veteran’s Hospital, Bedford, MA

“I’ve personally seen the Lord heal people through His servants in Bridge for Peace. You will be blessed as you study scripture and testimonies in the Foundation for Healing bible course.
Dr. John Palmer, Psychologist

Foundation for Healing Course What to Expect

A 12-week course to explore and expand your awareness of the healing grace of Jesus in your life. Learn as you respond to questions that search scripture and invite you to reflect on your experience. Read about miracles today and nurture your faith.

Foundation for Healing Companion DVD

The Foundation for Healing companion DVD completes your experience.  B4P teachers strongly recommend that you view the DVD.  It is intended for use by individuals or can be shown to a group studying the course.  Annette’s dynamic teaching will take you across the globe as she shares her personal experience of healing through Jesus .
This DVD is an invaluable tool to maximize your study experience


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Foundation for Freedom Course

Bridge For Peace - Foundation for Freedom Book Cover
Foundation for Freedom equips the reader to walk in freedom and release the captive. Annette shares her worldwide experiences in deliverance through Jesus Christ. Filled with Scripture and current examples, Foundation for Freedom offers you an opportunity to respond to questions and to process your own experiences. Foundation for Freedom provokes thought and action. If you invest the time, apply the lessons, and work the course, it will change your life!

“Foundation for Freedom is a profound testimony to understanding the Word of God. How refreshing to read pure truth in an otherwise spiritually void world. It is a beautiful and profound testimony to the healing power of Jesus Christ through the ministry of Bridge for Peace, a ministry dedicated to the healing of all nations During my time of spiritual poverty and while in the pit of desolation, I was suffering from the wounds of PTSD. It was then that I encountered the healing power of Jesus Christ through B4P ministry. “

Bernadette Cioch, Author, Embracing the Wounds, Initiator of Suffolk County, NY Critical Incident Stress Management Team, Leader, International PTSD Workshops / Retreats

“The few days of ministry and training we had with Ed and Annette have left in us—and all the people who attended—a lasting impression, as the Lord confirmed their preaching with signs and wonders that accompanied the Word (Mk 16:20). The greatest part of our experience with their ministry is that they do not only minister to people, but build their capacity to minister to others. Most of the healings were received not as a result of their prayer, but of the prayer of the participants who were trained. Their ministry left our people empowered to do more in their absence, and not to wait for their next coming. This is why I strongly recommend this new book that this anointed couple has written as a manual for training others to minister in the name of Jesus and in the power of the Holy Spirit. May the Lord bless this work and their ministry.”
Dr. Alex Victor Lengeju, Director of Evangelization, Archdiocese of Arusha, Tanzania

“Bridge for Peace leaders are well equipped to lead us to seek Foundations for Freedom. They not only speak words of faith but demonstrate with their lives the power and promises available to us from God, manifest in Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. They also know the temptations of self-doubt at one extreme and self-pride on the other and they turn their backs to both as they carry out, with God’s power, the ministry was given to them.”
William Ramsey, Former Vice President for Student Life, Berea College, Kentucky, USA

“I have just read chapter one—Inheritance—of Ed and Annette’s new book, Foundation for Freedom. It’s well-written and illustrates very clearly the basics for Christian living. Ed and Annette are a great couple and Bridge for Peace has much to offer the Body of Christ.”
Joe Chircop, Founder, Servants of Jesus Community, Australia

What to Expect from the Foundation for Freedom Course

Foundation for Freedom is designed as an eight-week course with an accompanying online video. Both mature and new believers say Foundation for Freedom has deepened their understanding and resulted in greater freedom through Jesus Christ. Participants report positive effects experienced both personally and in their interactions with others.

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