Foundation Courses

The Bridge for Peace Foundation for Healing Course

This 12 chapter course expands your awareness of Jesus’ healing grace in your life.  The workbook is excellent for self-study or using in a small group. It will guide you through the steps to understanding and implementing your authority in Jesus Christ to see the power of the Holy Spirit manifest through you the believer. The content of this book is the fruit of ministering healing in the Name of Jesus Christ for more than thirty years. Learn and grow as you respond to questions that explore scripture and invite you to reflect on your experience. Read about miracles that occur today and nurture your faith. The previously released Foundation for Healing DVD relates Annette’s experience of healing through Jesus Christ worldwide and is an excellent companion to the workbook.

Bridge For Peace - Foundation for Healing Book CoverBridge For Peace - Foundation for Freedom Book Cover

The Bridge for Peace Foundation for Freedom Course

This is a challenging study that equips the reader to walk in freedom and release the captive. Annette shares her worldwide experiences in deliverance through Jesus Christ. Filled with Scripture and personal examples, it offers an opportunity to respond to questions and process your own experiences. Foundation for Freedom provokes thought and action. If you invest the time, apply the lessons, and work the course, it will change your life!