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"I wish I could wallpaper my bedroom with the Bridge for Peace Newsletter so I could wake up to good news."- Pastor T.

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June 2017

Big Ear Leads to Rome, The Proof of Wisdom | Time Out in Zambia, B4P/RaphaEl Ministry | Snapshots of Tanzania |
Praise Cruise! | Events/Media Calendar
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April 2017

Clap… For Jesus, More reasons to applaud Him | Lord is it I? Highlights from the popular presentation |
Events/Media Calendar, Golf Outing, English Tea, Praise Cruise.
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March 2017

Snapshots of Tanzania, God’s power on display as 1500 attend healing rally | Li’l Bit of Heaven: Ministry at
Samantha’s | Events/Media Calendar
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February 2017

Run, B4P, Run! Advancing Toward the Goal | Bright Fire in KY and OH, Midwest Ministry | Empowered Through
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January 2017

Run, B4P, Run! | Events/Media Calendar | Brunch & Auction Honoring “Ma Joanie” | Lord is it I? Last supper
comes to life.
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December 2016

Bright Fire in Kentucky and Ohio, Empowered Through Encouragement, Brunch and Auction Honoring Ma Joanie.
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November 2016

A Secure Home in God Ministering to our homeless neighbors on Long Island, Guyana Mission Report, B4P RaphaEl
Medical Mission Team ministers to our neighbors in S. America
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October 2016

Steeds of Fire, A New Season; B4P in Engadine, NSW Austrialia, Hotter in Corrimal; Testimonies
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