Dear. Dr. Scott, In May 2011, when you brought a team of doctors to Zambia, at Kitwe Central Hospital, I was scheduled for surgery with one of the doctors. I had goiter on my neck.  When I entered the operating area, I found you and I explained to you why I was there. You told me that the ENT doctor did not come with you that year. I was very disappointed because I wanted the goiter to go.  But then you said something which I have lived to remember to today. You said "well an ENT doctor is not here but I know another Doctor who can remove this goiter from your neck, it is Jesus Christ. Do you want me to pray for you?"  I said 'yes' so you prayed for me and encouraged me to trust and believe that He has healed me.  You also gave me a book written by Andrew Wommack. As I write this email, I'm completely healed! I do not have a growth anymore on my neck and certainly no scar. Jesus touched me.  Now, l'm here at Christ for Nations Institute as a first year student in Dallas, Texas. Every summer the school sends out students on short-term mission trips to bring the impact of the kingdom of God to the Nations.  This summer, I will be joining the outreach team to Mexico.  We will focus on prayer walks, preaching and healing ministry which is my main thrust since I have seen Jesus heal me through your prayer.