Miss Jane  was presented to our surgery team in Zambia at 5pm, just two days before we would return to the USA. The swollen thyroid (goiter) in her neck was so large that her breathing was compromised and her arm was swollen from the abnormal blood flow. Her condition was so poor that we were concerned that she would not survive the operation to remove the thyroid. Yet, since there was no one else in the area that could perform the operation and she would probably die in a short period, we gave her  the options. She decided  she would rather die in surgery than go on any longer with this problem.  After prayer in her native language with a local Pastor, we completed the difficult surgery. Miraculously, all went well and the patient went home several days later praising God. Family members who had never seen her without the goiter were amazed and came to thank us.  They felt it was like a dream looking at her.  The power and love of God healed her through the hands of doctors and nurses of B4P RaphaEl Medical Missions. All glory to God and His Son Jesus Christ.